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Back in 2016, our parent company Yacht Deck, saw an opportunity in the marine/yacht marketplace for vinyl wrap services due to the extremely high cost, increasing environmental restrictions, and lengthy-time required to do paintwork, and hence Imagine Wrapix was born.  To this day, Imagine Wrapix is the West Coast’s only wrap firm focused exclusively on the marine/yacht market. Initially, our services were limited to hull color change, but as the quality and variety of vinyl have increased, so have our services.   We now offer hull color changes for both single color or printed applications and interior applications utilizing 3M’s DiNoc or LG Hausys’ interior film collection.  Additionally, we offer paint protection film (PPF) services to protect your furniture and cabinetry from scratches, your transom paint from scratches from fishing weights, or anything or anywhere else that needs some non-visible protection. Although we’re based in Southern California, travel isn’t an issue with our crews having worked throughout N. America as well as Mexico. If you’re looking for the best in vinyl application, then choose the best applicator….Imagine Wrapix!

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